Week Nine: Covid Comes to Fight

It had to happen eventually. After the European travel and jiujitsu camp, after the 4th vaccine, after two years of safety, Covid hit me. It hit me hard. I knew it would and frankly, I have worried about its long-term effects on my PKD, lungs and heart. Still, like death and to quote Tori Amos, “Can’t stop what’s coming, can’t stop what is on its way”.

I have to say that no matter what the politics of America likes to suggest, Covid is awful. As a PKD person, this may have been some of the hardest moments of my days during the past few years. I had five days in absolute bed rest with maybe only an hour of meal preparation a day. Nothing felt ok. Nothing felt like it would ever be okay again. I had fever. I had some serious pain. I had nightmares wherein I felt messages that my dna was being rewritten in the night. It was horrific. I still feel like that may have well happened. All of that being said; I was healthy and ready for Covid, at another moment in my time this might have killed me.

So…yeah. How about the Ren.Nu program? I am not sure what to say other than nothing mattered more than a Snickers bar for about 5 days. I had no appetite, ate nothing except for sugar and got maybe 700 calories a day. It sucked. I hated it all and the tealized at the end of it that I had lost my sense of smell 100 percent. I put on my favourite perfume before bed and smelt nothing. Now I understood why the room smelled but I did not know it. Losing your ability to smell is a disaster; not realizing that you had for a few days is disturbing.

Otherwise I am doing okay. I am still hitting 0.6 on my ketones and losing weight overall. I feel awful and have no desire to eat except for the most random of cravings and I just have to accept those despite the idea of diet. If I can only eat a double chocolate donut from Tim Horton’s on the ride to PEI, then that is what it is. My calorie count is tiny, so whatever. I need to just get through Covid; I am not there yet.

I made it home to Prince Edward Island after two days of driving and it will take a few more days to get back to normal. I also officially signed up for the World Masters in Las Vegas next month despite all common sense. The game is afoot and all I can do is play.

At the end of this week, I feel a mess, but I also feel pretty solid. For me to sign on for Worlds while reconfirm Covid must mean that I believe in my dietary lifestyle changes and the way I am moving forward. Let’s see how it goes, but despite the awful physical challenges of Covid this past week I feel like I have a program that works to get me to the other side. Not bad, not bad at all. Eating lots of seafood and avocado on the Island, and made it to a jiujitsu class yesterday.

However, my lungs and heart are just not normal. Took a LOT out of me to do a 5km run and the class at Gracie PEI, but I also felt like I needed to push my body a bit to recover. Apathy can create entropy in body systems sometimes.

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